Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Wore

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I'm filled with anticipation for tomorrow!!
I'm truly blessed with an awesome family and can't wait to see their smiling faces!!!

 Oh yeah, and eat, eat, eat!!

I'll confess though - I've already eaten some, well not "some", but a pumpkin pie!!!
 Usually I'm too full to eat much dessert after our Thanksgiving Feast,
so this year, being the smart girl that I am (haha),
I decided to purchase a pumpkin pie this past week-end and
just eat it all week long!!  Pretty smart, huh??

Pretty smart 'til I tried on my jeans!!  Tight jeans are "in", right??

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for some fall fashion inspiration!!

One day last week - I had lunch with my youngest daughter...........
The weather was gorgeous and we were able to sit outside and dine al fresco!!!

striped cardigan - american eagle
red and gray tanks - target
jeans - skinny distressed jeans - gap outlet
necklace - i think it's from the lovely poppy (etsy)

Monday - my baby boy turned 16 - so we went out to eat.

Sorry for the really bright photo!!
sweater - banana republic outlet
tank - target
skinny jeans - kohls
boots - steve madden

necklace - kohls
my hair - a little out of control - but it was pouring rain, so I didn't spend much time on it!!

Please go check out the great fashion inspiration over at The Pleated Poppy!!

Thanks for stopping by and please, my friends,
have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bring on Christmas!!!

I love, love, love Thanksgiving because it's all about family and food

and I have no intentions of  "rushing" through the holiday!!!

But, I didn't do any Fall or Thanksgiving decorating this year -

so -

I am extra ready to decorate for Christmas!!!!  So, Bring it on!!!

The tubs are still in the attic (but only for a few more days!)

but I've been browsing the world wide web for days........maybe weeks..........

for a little Christmas decorating inspiration.

I found some serious Christmas eye-candy and thought I'd share with you!!!

above photos via

above photos via

 I love how the stockings are hung in the above photo!!

above photos via

 The photo below - I'm not sure if it's the tree or the kitchen!!!! But I know it's LOVE!!!!


above - GORGEOUS!!!!

I like the above wreath - but I LOVE the rusty "thingy" holding the wreath!!!! 

 above photos via
This also from (above).  I'm not sure I like it as a wreath, but would
love to create yarn balls (yarn wrapped around styrofoam balls)
in these colors and place them in a large apothecary jar!!

above photos via

See what I mean?? Serious eye-candy -
and none of it is from Pinterest.....
That could be another month's worth of posts!!!!!

What do you think??  Did you see anything you love???
Anything you'd like to re-create or make??
Are you ready to decorate for Christmas??

I am!!! Bring on Christmas!!!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friends!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burlap Gifts for the Girls

This past week-end, four of us girls headed to the Historic
Ft. Worth Stockyards District to celebrate my baby sister's 40th birthday.

Yes, there were cattle involved!! (not above - below!!)

A longhorn cattle drive - to be exact..........

Maybe not a "true" cattle drive -
There were only 10, maybe 12 longhorns and they seemed to be trained
pretty well as the meandered their way around the block!!

It was still a sight to see! Such beautiful animals!!

It was nothing short of a perfect week-end!!!
Good times and great memories!!!

To help add to the festivities, I wanted to create gift bags for the other 3 girls,
and I wanted them to be unique and personal and fun.

This is what I came up with.............

Nothing fancy or expensive -
These bags are from Hobby Lobby and I think they were $6 each.

For each girl, I framed a quote that "fit" their personality and placed it in a 5x7 frame (also found
at Hobby Lobby) that I thought would match their home decor.

I didn't get a picture of each frame, but here they are wrapped.

I used the plain white paper that Hobby Lobby wrapped the frames in when I purchased them.
Added a strip of burlap with a shipping tag and tucked in a vintage looking card
appropriate for each girl.

I also placed a simple paper sack filled with White Trash in each gift bag.
White Trash is a party mix made with Chex cereal and white chocolate.
It is wonderful!! It's one of those things you can't stop eating!!

And my favorite thing for each bag - these burlap wine bags I made.

I made the flower rosettes from strips of burlap - simply twist and roll and glue!!!

Again - very easy and very inexpensive!!!

At first, I only had 2 flowers on each bag - but it just didn't look right,
so I added a 3rd flower to each bag.

Each bag was tied with jute twine and another vintage looking card was distressed and attached.

And because it was her birthday - I added a glittered letter to my sister's bag!!

I had fun creating the bags and I think they liked them.

Now, what other occasion can I create bags for??!!!

I'm linking up with Whisper Wood Cottage
for a burlap linky party!!!

Now that's my kind of party!!!

Go check out all the other great projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Wore

I'm a day late - and I'm always a dollar short.........

but I'm still gonna link up with The Pleated Poppy for a little clothing inspiration. 

Please join me!!!

But beware - my 15 year old photographer (my son) thinks this whole "wiww"
is completely ridiculous and isn't very patient when I ask him to take several photos in hopes
we get one good one or at the very least -

four - not so good - photos!!!

The little punk had an ortho appointment on this day...........

I love my new flower pin from The Lovely Poppy Etsy Shop!!!

"cheese - now take the photo, kid!"

b&w flannel shirt - old navy outlet
scarf - old navy
flower pin - The Lovely Poppy - Etsy
big, frizzy hair - courtesy of our crazy, unpredictable, Oklahoma weather
(rain, hail, earthquakes & tornados - the latter 2 on the same day!)

Sorry for the blurry photo - photographer's fault (ha!),
but you can see the complete outfit
 and I know your day wouldn't be complete without that!!!

cropped jeans - kohls (lauren conrad)
black flats - target

And that's all I have!!!
It was a pretty boring week here at the farmhouse!!

Have a great day friends!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everybody Cut Footloose...........

Hey there!

It's Wednesday - so I'm linking up with Lindsey over at

You should head on over there -
People are really showin' their best fall stuff these days!!

Saturday, The Man and I met up with some of my high school peeps
to see the remake of Footloose. 

The original came out the year we graduated high school - 1984 -
so we thought it would be alot of fun to see the new one together!!
And we were right - It was a so much fun!!
Plus, the remake did NOT disappoint!!

The following photo, however - a complete disappointment!!

I'm not even really sure what's going on here - other than it was really, really windy -
so I hope I am trying to get my hair out of face and smile at the same time.

Or maybe - I was bustin' out my best Footloose moves!! ha ha

skinny jeans - gap outlet
blue vneck tshirt - gap outlet
white tank - target
sweater vest - kohls
boots - steve madden
necklaces - loft

bracelets - vera wang - kohls

Sorry, that's the only outfit I photographed this past week,
 plus most of what I wore all week wasn't wiww worthy!!

Can I get your opinion?? Please!!

The Man and I are having family photos (minus the family) taken in a couple of weeks
 and I don't know what to wear!!
Any suggestions?? Have you seen anything in my WIWW posts that looks photo worthy??
(The photos will be taken outside, hopefully by an old barn)

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much!!!  Have a blessed week!!