Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hi kids!!

Here we are again and it's already Wednesday -
so you know what that means........

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for some
fun, summertime, fashion inspiration.

pleated poppy

You should go check it out!!
There's much summer-time fashion inspiration to be had!!!
I don't think you'll be disappointed!!

Since we spend so much time outside and in the pool -
because it's been H.O.T. here in Oklahoma - we're talking 104 degrees -
I only took photos on Monday.

Yesterday would have been the perfect opportunity for photos
with my sweet cousin visiting from Alaska -
BUT I completely forgot to take photos!!

She looked great and she was wearing the cutest wedges!!! darn it!!!

On Monday, I had lunch with a good friend from high school!!
We ate lunch and just sat and talked for 3 hours -
just like old times!!! It was wonderful!!

I don't remember where I purchased this top - but I love the colors!!
My new necklace is from Kohl's. I love the length of it!

short sleeved cardigan - target 

boyfriend jeans - gap

wedges - naturalizers purchased from amazon.
I absolutely love the little flower!!

and this is the other jewelry I wore.........
both from Kohl's.
It was on sale - 30% off, I had a 20% coupon and an additional $5 off coupon.
So, it was almost free!!!!
It probably would have been, if I hadn't purchased other items as well :)

There you have it!!

Thank you so much for dropping by today! 

Now go put on your best summer-time outfit and take a photo!!

Post it on your blog or your facebook page and just wait for the uplifting comments to pour in!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hey friends!!

It's Wednesday and I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy.

Go check out all the other fashionable ladies for a little summer inspiration!!

Nothing very exciting in my wardrobe - but here's what I've been wearing......

Thursday - grocery shopping and a quick stop at the thrift store, where
I bought a painting for my imaginary/dream cabin!!

cropped jeans - vera wang - kohls
white button down - kohls
purple tank - old navy
shoes - born
and me - no make-up!!!

necklace - old navy

Friday - sadly, I had to attend the funeral of a good friend's dad.

black cropped pants - express
black/white striped button down - kohls
belt - came with a pair of pants I no longer have
bracelets - jcp

shoes - marshalls

necklace - I think it's vera wang from kohls

Saturday - running errands with The Man.

same cropped jeans - kohls
white v-neck - gap
gray tank - old navy
same shoes - born

Wow!! I haven't been sleeping well for the past few weeks and it is starting to catch-up with me!!

I look old, sleepy, puffy, tired, and completely worn-out!!

Not sure what the deal is - but I need to get it figured out, soon!!!

But - check out my adorable new necklace!!!

Isn't it the cutest??

It's from April's shop - Funky Vintage Lovely.

Go check out her cute items!!  She also has a blog that is fun to follow!!

I'm glad you dropped by today!! You really make my day!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a Dreamer.................

I'm definitely a dreamer!! How about you?

While I am content in my life, I continually dream of things to come -

My mind is creative and most of my dreams encompass things that speak to that
and keep my mind active.
I don't know if my mind ever really stops creating.
Sometimes I can't sleep at night because of something I saw on tv, or a magazine,
or a blog, or something in my everyday life that sparks something on that
side of my brain and makes me want to create!

It could be a color or a texture or a house or land I saw for sale.
Even something as simple as someone making a statement about something they want to create
or needing an idea for decorating or a  party.

With all that said - all I really wanted to say is that
I dream about owning a cabin or a cottage on the lake.

The following photos show a dream cabin in the foothills of North Carolina.

I'll keep my dream a little closer to home here in Oklahoma -
 but this is a beautiful cabin -

Enjoy the photos!!

I believe I could move right in!!! I love everything about it!!

The colors, the textures, the furniture.........

Isn't it gorgeous??

While I am a dreamer - I do have realistic expectations and
don't know if I could ever have a cabin like this -
but the dreamer in me,
will continue to DREAM!!

Dream big - or get off the porch!!!

If you'd like to read the article about this beautiful cabin -
click on over to Traditional Home.

All photos are from The Traditional Home website.

Hope your week-end was filled with lots of love and blessings!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Quirky Little Shop

Because The Man loves me - on our way home from our overnight get-away
last week, we stopped at this quirky little shop!!

Walking in behind us, a lady thought it was a restaurant -
She was a little surprised it was actually a shop.

From the outside, you really can't tell what kind of shop it is - other than quirky!!

I only took photos of the outside.
Once inside, it was still quirky - but nothing like outside!!
It was a mix of boutique clothing,
(you know the tiny, trendy, cute little clothes with only s and xs left on the racks)
old gringo and corral cowboy boots, flip-flops, jewelry,
all mixed in with some home decor items,
crafting items,
quirky gifts,
Oklahoma souvenirs,
and a screaming cook-a-too - however, it did whistle at me :)

Lots of eye candy and I could have spent more time browsing!!

I loved all the cowboy boots and the clothing was adorable - just not my size!

And they had very cute and unique jewelry!!

The only thing I purchased was some German Glass Glitter in a cute salt/pepper shaker!

I'll use the glitter on projects in my playroom
and I collect crystal salt/pepper shakers because
I'm trying to get enough to create a chess board set.

Pepper in half and salt in the other half - - black & white pieces.

Although I don't play chess - it's more about having unique decorative items in my home!!
Check Mate!!

So here it is -

The Cloverleaf Boutique

Pink bikes lined the drive and parking lot!!

Sorry, I can't get this photo to turn.....

I thought the pink travel trailer was really cute!!
I would set this up in my backyard (maybe not pepto pink, though) - if The Man would let me!!

The Man taking a picture of the clown for our son - he HATES clowns!!
He has always thought they were creepy!! All the more reason to take a photo for him!!

Most everything had been coated with a brightly colored  paint!!

Not so much quirky - but creepy!!

Doll heads and mannequin heads - creepy!!

I did like the ferris wheel looking plant stand, though!!!

I don't why, but this sign just made me laugh!! I guess it's all about the surroundings :)

More pink bikes and a creepy mannequin dude!!

Since I didn't take any photos inside - here is a link to their fb page. There are many photos on there!

I also just learned there is a Cloverleaf in the Oklahoma City area.  I'll have to check it out soon!

So, if you're ever in Oklahoma - near Ardmore - I35 - Exit 31 (b - I think)
you should go check outThe Cloverleaf Boutique. 

Or check out the one in OKC - it might be just as quirky!!

I think you'll enjoy the experience!!

Have a great week-end, my friends!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hello World............

It's Wednesday already, so I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for a little fashion inspiration!!

pleated poppy

Why don't you join me??

Here's a couple of things I wore this past week.........

On Thursday we headed out of town to see Lady A. 
This was our third attempt to see them -
first time - concert cancelled - reason unknown
second time - concert rescheduled due to snowstorm -
third time's the charm!!!

brown vest - gap (in las vegas last fall)
skinny jeans - gap
white tshirt - gap

I should be featured in a gap ad!!! Just sayin........

Not happy with my shoe choice - black wedges - ???

But check out my new fedora!!! It's from Target.

and me and The Man!!

And just in case you're wondering, here's what Lady A was wearing!!

Check out Hilarie's sequined leggings!!
Her very high heeled shoes were completely covered in sequins!

It was a great concert and worth the wait!!

We stayed the night in the hotel casino where Lady A performed -

It was like being in Vegas!!

Friday morning, we ate breakfast, checked out of our room, then explored the huge casino!! 

boyfriend jeans - gap
black v-neck - target
white tank - target
scarf - express
flip-flops - walmart
coach purse - gift from one of my daughters

On our way home, we stopped for lunch and I spotted a very unique looking store -
so The Man, loving me as he does, stopped and let me explore!!

just me and the pink dude!!

It was probably the quirkiest store I've ever seen or been to!!

I'll post some pictures of the store exterior later.

Go ahead - head on over to The Pleated Poppy

pleated poppy

Thanks for stopping by today!!