Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have a Little Class...........

Hey - it's me again!! Twice in one day!!

Three day week-ends are the best!! I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom - but
I absolutely love long week-ends when The Man can be home with me!!

Our week-end was fabulous!! We had a cook-out with his family on Saturday.
Lots of food and lots of swimming!!

While this past week-end was great,
the previous week-end was EXTRA special for me!!

I hosted a little class reunion for my high school peeps!!

It was wonderful to see my classmates and plan the party,
but we got off to a rocky start -
thanks to Mother Nature!

Although we needed rain, I believe Mother Nature got a little carried away in our area!

I did pray for the weather to be perfect for the day of the party, but I forgot to pray for the previous days -


It rained................ 

and rained............

and continued to rain!! I think we got about 6" in a few hours!!

It was a little sketchy there for awhile -

No, that's not the pool!! That's our backyard filled to the brim with rain!!

You can see the pool lit-up on the left...........

This is the area behind the pool - it was like a river!!

Fortunately, it didn't flood the pool - but the pool did fill up to the very top!

Luckily, we didn't have any damage - and party preparations carried on!

I do have to say that this rain storm was nothing compared to the tornadoes
that ripped through Oklahoma last week.
 Many, many people were hit hard.
There were lives lost and many homes destroyed!!

Thankfully we were not affected, but please pray for the families that were.

Our reunion is thanks to facebook!!
I was reunited with my high school classmates last year, most of which I had not seen
 in 20 plus years - yes I know, that makes me fairly old!!

The funny thing is - I was one that didn't "get" facebook a couple of years ago.
I couldn't understand why you would put your business out there for others to see or
why you would want to "stalk" other people.

It all seemed a little creepy to me - so I resisted the peer-pressure for several  years,
but then about a year ago, my sister and sister-n-law, along with my two daughters,
convinced me to set-up a facebook page.

Now, I think they may have a few regrets - because I love facebook!!

I love posting pictures on facebook, especially of my family!!!

When planning the party, I knew I wanted to use "84", the year we graduated,
as the theme or jumping off point for the decorations.

I am really mad at myself for not taking photos of the decorations the night of the party,
so most of these photos were taken the day after - so you don't get the full effect.

Plus I only have a few photos of my friends!
I think I was nervous and wasn't thinking clearly because I always remember to take photos!!
I mean, I do have a fb page to update!!

This is the front porch............

Front door - vintage frame and moss covered numbers.

And here's a few of my peeps...............

You can sorta see the snack table in the above photo.
I used several picture frames to display social info about 1984 -
such as popular songs, tv shows, movies, etc............

Just hanging out and catching up!!

We brought our yearbooks and old photos to look at. 
It was alot of fun to see all those old photos -
and to see how skinny I was - and to think I thought I was FAT!!
I would love to be that size again!!

Here's the table the day after..........

I ordered cookies with the number 84 and made cupcake toppers with 84.

I also made 84 tags to tied around mason jars filled with flowers.

I made this burlap flag, with the number 84 - of course!!

Lanterns filled with citronella candles!

And here we are - all grown up!!!!

You laugh because there are only 8 of us -
but there were only 12 of us in my graduating class!!!

We have a little class!!

Well, we have alot of class - but had a little class!!
And I must say - I do believe we have all aged very well!!
It was such a wonderful evening and I think we will all stay in touch now.

Thank you fb and thank you my friends for coming to the party!!! I love you guys!!