Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mantel

I finally took down the Valentine's decor
and did a little re-do on the fireplace mantel. 

It has all the elements I like......
a little green

I keep tweaking it, but I think I almost have it the way I want it.

Most of these items were found at either a thrift or antique store. 

Look at the detail on this vintage frame!! Absolutely love it!!!

The large canvas of children walking through the field was a gift from The Man.

The smaller picture with the young girl and sheep was a recent find at an antique store.

The large iron piece is from Hobby Lobby about 6 years ago.

I've had the large white candlesticks for many years and still love them!!!

The small green votive cups are thrift store finds.

The small bag is a pellet bag. I don't think it is vintage, but I love the vintage look and
the graphics on the front.  Plus it is the perfect little item for that spot. 

The books were all found at thrift stores or antique stores.

The great wicker vase/jug thingy was found at an antique store for $8.00. 
I thought it was a great find and I love the texture and size!!

I added a few greenery picks from HL and some sticks from outside, along with
a small bird nest to the vase and wrapped an extra piece of grapevine around it.

Cheap and easy!! My kind of decorating!!

So, there you have it - my newly decorated mantel.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up to  The Pleated Poppy  for What I Wore Wednesday. 

A fun little fashion show to keep everyone accountable for their daily
wardrobe by getting out of their comfy clothes and wearing something cute!!

Click on over there and check it out!!!

Thursday - running errands

skinny jeans - gap
off white sweater - old navy - given to me by my sister :)
blue v-neck tshirt - gap
white cami - old navy
floral scarf - old navy
necklace - I don't remember
shoes - payless

Friday Night - date with The Man!

This was planned at the last minute so I didn't have time to wash my hair, so I thought
I would just put it up in a messy ponytail.  Instead - I ended up with a bad prom-do. 
I tried to make it  messy, but I just couldn't do it!! 

Can anyone explain to me how to make a messy ponytail??? Please?? 
jeans - gap
green cardigan - kohls
white ruffly shirt - old navy
scarf - gap
shoes - target

Wednesday - run a few errands

jeans - old navy
black v-neck tshirt - gap
tan tank - old navy
scarf - The Enchanted Cottage (a local home dec store)
boots - dillards
heart necklace - a gift from my oldest daughter
short necklace - american eagle
earrings - f21
leopard print watch - Christmas gift
hair pulled back in black clip

I really did get dressed more than 3 times in the past week, but I forgot to take pics!

I only lost 1 pound this week, which makes me sad but I'm not going to give up!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cake Plate

It all started with a cake plate............well no, actually it started with my sister - my sweet baby sister - she is having a love affair with cake plates!! Weird, huh??  Not really!  I think it's better than the penguin collection she used to have - her love affair with penguins - that was a little weird!! I'm just sayin'........

About a year ago I found a vintage cake plate/dome at a thrift store and immediately thought of my sister! I didn't love the cake plate - but I'm not the one having the love affair!! This little vintage find did have potential with it's great shape and it was different than all the others, so I purchased it, took it home, went into my craft room thinking I would give it a quick "make-over" and surprise her with it!! I am crafty after all, so this should be easy!!

Ha!! It sat in my craft room for, oh I don't know, about 9 months and still, I had nothin'! No great ideas! No inspiration photos! No color scheme! Nothing came to mind! 

Have I told you that I'm a procrastinator? How about a perfectionist? Not really a good combiniation - a "Procrastinating Perfectionist"!! I put things off until I can see them perfect in my mind - but I'm not a planner - I just need to "see it" perfectly in my mind - no plan necessary - once I can "see it" - I just go for it!!  Very unrealistic and a little stressful to say the least!  But the good news.....I work well under pressure and most of the time I can make it work.

My sister's birthday was fast approaching and I needed a gift. I wanted to give her something special, something she would love, and something that would "wow" her.  After all, she is my baby sister!!!

So about a week before her birthday and 9 months after I purchased the sweet little cake plate/dome,  I finally went in my room, no plan, but I found some scrapbook paper I liked and some coordinating paint and went after it!!!

It was starting to look better, but still not great! I found some more supplies in my room - some ribbon, a wooden tag, a drawer pull/knob, some old book pages, and some wire.

The wooden tag was green, a Christmas clearance item from Hobby Lobby. I painted it, cut out a smaller tag from the vintage book page, stamped it with "cake" on one side and "yum" on the other, and aged it with my stamp pad, glued it all together, then decoupaged it with Mod-Podge. 

It was starting to all come togehter!

I also decoupaged the cake dome after I painted it and added the scrapbook paper. Then I added the rick-rack riboon to cover the seams.

I added the drawer pull/knob, from Hobby Lobby, to the top as the handle of the cake dome, attached the tag, ribbon, and some curly wire.

And finally............a completed cake plate/dome that was worthy of my sister's affection!!

I'm linking up to Metamorphis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch.  You can scroll down to the bottom of that post to see all the other great projects!!

I'm also linking up to Motivate Me Monday over at  Keeping it SimpleGo check out all the great projects.

As always, thanks for stopping by!!!

**EDIT** I'm also linking up to Tip Junkie for Tip Me Tuesday.       

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday..............

Hello Friends!!

Today I'm joining the "What I Wore Wednesday" linky party over at The Pleated Poppy

Nothing too exciting with my wardrobe this week.
 I've been feeling kind of "blah" for a few days.

So, this is it............

Friday night - The Man and I went to dinner with my sister and her husband. 

Guess what???
I'm wearing my fav gap jeans - again!
brown vest - gap
button down shirt - gap
brown boots - Arturo Chiang - from Dillards
short necklace - american eagle
pocket watch necklace - walmart clearance - $3.00
(it's an Alice in Wonderland necklace, but it really looks like
a pocket watch on a very nice chain!)
And the big hairdo - not really sure what to say 'bout that!!
I'm just goin' with it!!

 Sunday - I hung out with my sister!! Good times!!

jeans - gap
pink cardigan - old navy
white v-neck tshirt - gap
shoes - burlap toms
valentine necklace - gracie rays
hat - showplace market
sunglasses - target

Monday - Valentine's Day

 I didn't leave the house or get out of my comfy clothes so - no photo!!  We didn't have any big Valentines plans, so we just stayed home and The Man watched The Bachelor with me.  That's true love, my friends. 

Tuesday - had to run some errands.

jeans - gap
military jacket - kohls
white tshirt - target
necklace - kohls
shoes - ok, you've met my Toms - now meet my new Bobs!!!

Bobs - by Skechers
Same concept as Toms
You buy a pair - they give a pair to a child in need.
I like the concept, but think it's a little odd that the style of shoe is
almost identical to the Toms.  The Bobs actually fit me better, but
I still love my Toms!!

I love the plaid lining and patch on the back!! Cute, huh??

Wednesday - I'm just hanging around the house today! 
I have a to-do list I'm working on!!

jeans - gap
red tshirt - gap
white tank - walmart
scarf - old navy
shoes - bobs!!!

And onto the weight loss..........I hate trying to lose weight! It makes me sad and cranky!!
But I have lost one pound! yay me!! Now onto the trillion more I need to lose!

Have a great week my friends!! Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My True Loves..............

These - my friends - are my Valentines!!

The loves of my life!!

my true loves!!

.......and just look at these two? The Man and my baby boy -  ~sigh~

oh - and these two lovely ladies - my beautiful daughters!!!

these kids make my heart sing

and I love them so much!!

 just me and my baby boy!!

oh, oh - and The Man!!  He makes my heart race!!

 I love this man - The Man - with a thousand hearts!!! 

He is my best friend and soul mate!!

I am so blessed to have such love in my life!!

Happy Valentines Day, my friends!! Hope your day is filled with love and joy!!

all photos - except the last one - taken by LG Photography

Friday, February 11, 2011


Look at these beauties!!!

Maybe "beauties" is a bit much - at the moment - but don't you see the potential??

You do have to look past the awful lampshades and the groovy 70s vibe you see at first.....

but look at that great amber colored glass.............

the detail on the base! and the patina is wonderful!

I think it is the perfect color antique gold!!

and the size!! these babies are huge!!

So while I do see the beauty in these babies - they do need a little work! For instance - that grate thingy in the middle of the amber glass base. I think it definitely ages the
lamps (in a bad way) so I'm going to try to remove it - hopefully there is a rod or something
 in there that will hold the lamp together!!

and these lampshades have got to go!!! I found some at PB I love - but they
 are a bit too pricey!! I'll be checking out Target and Walmart and even
 the thrift stores for shades I can "make-over".

I love these lamps and can't wait to get them "made-over"!! They will make a
 great addition to my bedroom, which I am going to paint - maybe this weekend!! 

So stayed tune for their reveal!

And if you're wondering - I scored these babies for $10 each!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I Wore and Weight Loss Wednesday...........

Well, here I am - it's Wednesday again - and I'm still not sure about the linky party thing - but I'm gonna give it my best shot! I am a little hesitant about putting photos of myself out "there" for people other than my friends and family to see, but here goes..................

Please join me, and many others, over at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

Friday we were supposed to go to a Lady A concert, but due to the weather it was cancelled. This is the second Lady A concert that we've had tickets to but didn't get to see. Thank goodness this one was rescheduled, but if I don't get to see them on the rescheduled date - I'm taking that as a sign and marking it off my concert bucket list!! Lady A - I'll catch you the radio!!

Not really needing an "excuse" to shop, I did feel I needed an "excuse" to purchase this jacket because it's not something I would wear everyday and we really don't get out much.  The jacket wasn't expensive at all, but so cute and looked like it would be the perfect Lady A concert attire!!  I purchased it and didn't want to wear it anywhere before I got to wear it to the concert, so it remained hidden in the back of my closet (what this old thing - I've had it for ages..............c'mon girls, please tell me you do that too!) for at least 6 weeks - then low and behold  - the concert was cancelled.  I was bummed!!  Really bummed for several reasons! I really wanted to get out of the house!! I needed to get out of the house!! I really wanted to see Lady A!! And I really, really, really wanted to wear my cute new jacket. The only one of those I could do anything about - was wear my cute jacket!! So that's what I did - I got dressed in the clothes I had planned to wear to the concert! I was all dressed up and no where to go, but my spirits were lifted and I felt good! I wore these clothes long enough for The Man to see me, make fun of me for getting dressed up, and take a few photos for this post.

jeans - gap
white ruffled shirt - old navy
scarf - gap
jacket -cato (yes, cato!!)
boots - shoe carnival
large black flower ring - jcp

I love this leopard print scarf! Look at the frayed edges!

check out the ruffled detail on my jacket! isn't it cute?? Love it!!

Saturday - I finally got to leave the house!!! I had been home since Monday afternoon!!

jeans - gap
boots - steve madden
white tshirt - gap
sweater vest - kohls
sunglasses - target
red necklace - langstons
gold necklace - american eagle

 Super Bowl Sunday!! Way to go Packers!!!

jeans - my favorite gap jeans
green cardigan - old navy
white tshirt - gap
shoes - toms (burlap!!!!)
necklace - premier designs (Angie Hesser)
yellow flower - made by me
big hair - circa 1985 (it's making a comeback kids and I'm all over that trend!!)

here's a close-up of the flower and necklace (and big hair - esp on the left side?!!)

Tuesday - ran some errands and had lunch with my youngest daughter.

cardigan - old navy
snap front shirt - old navy
gray tank - old navy
necklace - kohls

jenas - gap
grey shoes - payless

Today - another snow day!! No plans to leave the house, just need to stay warm!!

jacket - clearance - old navy ($2.49)
leggings - kohls
pink tshirt - old navy
gray tank - old navy
boots - fake uggs - sams

And now, for the weight loss part of the post...............I didn't lose any weight this week - but I also didn't gain any, which is a miracle!! Being snowed in for four days and having the Super Bowl all in one week, makes me think I can eat anything I want, anytime I want!  Thank goodness that week is over!!

So, here's to a healthier week!!  Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse!!