Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Mantel

I finally took down the Valentine's decor
and did a little re-do on the fireplace mantel. 

It has all the elements I like......
a little green

I keep tweaking it, but I think I almost have it the way I want it.

Most of these items were found at either a thrift or antique store. 

Look at the detail on this vintage frame!! Absolutely love it!!!

The large canvas of children walking through the field was a gift from The Man.

The smaller picture with the young girl and sheep was a recent find at an antique store.

The large iron piece is from Hobby Lobby about 6 years ago.

I've had the large white candlesticks for many years and still love them!!!

The small green votive cups are thrift store finds.

The small bag is a pellet bag. I don't think it is vintage, but I love the vintage look and
the graphics on the front.  Plus it is the perfect little item for that spot. 

The books were all found at thrift stores or antique stores.

The great wicker vase/jug thingy was found at an antique store for $8.00. 
I thought it was a great find and I love the texture and size!!

I added a few greenery picks from HL and some sticks from outside, along with
a small bird nest to the vase and wrapped an extra piece of grapevine around it.

Cheap and easy!! My kind of decorating!!

So, there you have it - my newly decorated mantel.

Have a lovely weekend my friends!!