Friday, February 11, 2011


Look at these beauties!!!

Maybe "beauties" is a bit much - at the moment - but don't you see the potential??

You do have to look past the awful lampshades and the groovy 70s vibe you see at first.....

but look at that great amber colored glass.............

the detail on the base! and the patina is wonderful!

I think it is the perfect color antique gold!!

and the size!! these babies are huge!!

So while I do see the beauty in these babies - they do need a little work! For instance - that grate thingy in the middle of the amber glass base. I think it definitely ages the
lamps (in a bad way) so I'm going to try to remove it - hopefully there is a rod or something
 in there that will hold the lamp together!!

and these lampshades have got to go!!! I found some at PB I love - but they
 are a bit too pricey!! I'll be checking out Target and Walmart and even
 the thrift stores for shades I can "make-over".

I love these lamps and can't wait to get them "made-over"!! They will make a
 great addition to my bedroom, which I am going to paint - maybe this weekend!! 

So stayed tune for their reveal!

And if you're wondering - I scored these babies for $10 each!!!!