Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well, Hello February!!!

February certainly came in with a bang!!! I think the official name is "Blizzard 2011".  Sure hope this isn't any indication what the Groundhog will see tomorrow!!

I went outside long enough to snap a few photos and check on The Man as he was shoveling the driveway...........

My sweet sister gave me these adorable little rusty chairs awhile back and she wasn't sure I would like them! What, what??? I don't like them - I love them!! I love everything about them! The are white, rusty, worn, child size, and vintage!!

Aren't they cute??

And here's The Man!! Getting ready to shovel some snow!!

It's way too cold for me outside. I'm going back inside to think about tomorrow's blog post!

Drink some hot chocolate and stay warm!! Have a blessed evening, my friends!