Friday, March 4, 2011

Fabulous Outdoor Spaces

Hello friends!!! Sorry for the lack of posts - it's been crazy here at the farmhouse
this week, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing week-end with family!!

I am so ready for warm weather!!  While relaxing this week-end, I'll be dreaming
of these fabulous outdoor spaces and how I can re-create just a little bit
of this awesome-ness in my own backyard.

love the mix of colors of these flowers and the fullness!!
house beautiful

 love the hanging flower pot/candle chandelier and the chairs!!
 martha stewart

 I love everything about this!!
the gravel floor, the bistro table, the topiaries and climbing vines,
the pillows, the juice containers in the ice bucket/flower pot!
martha stewart

  I love the feel of this one. The climbing vines on the arbor,
the hanging candles - probably mason jars, the colors, oh, and the wine!
martha stewart

 very relaxing!
martha stewart

 this just looks like a fabulous place to hang out with friends!
martha stewart

 I love the topiary and the vines above the window.
martha stewart

  what a great place for breakfast!
not sure where I found this fabulous picture - do you know??

 I love the candelier, the table, the basket of greenery on the table, and the climbing vine!
pottery barn

the flagstone path - makes you want to see what's around the corner and the flowers are beautiful!  
country living

  love the detail of this planter against the rock wall!
ballard designs

 I love everything about this one!!!
pottery barn

  love, love, love the chairs and their great chippy patina!!
southern living

southern living

I love these containers (except for the lion's head)
restoration hardware

 I love the look of this, but is a little too formal for me. I do love the colors, the gravel, and the lanterns!
restoration hardware

 again, maybe too formal for me, but I love the containers with the topiaries!
restoration hardware

I would love to have a pergola and a fireplace!! Beautiful!!! 
again, not sure the source of this great pic - it was something I had saved in my favorites

love the moss on the pots and the detail of the iron planter!! 
pottery barn 

love everything about this one, too!!! 
pottery barn

These items and spaces are all fabulous, but probably way more work and money than
we can do.  But with that being said, I'm going to decorate outside the same way I decorate inside.

I'll start by searching for items similar to the ones in the photos that I absolutely love
and incorporate them into my own design.  I don't want to "copy" the
above photos, just use them as inspiration and try to capture the feel of these
spaces in my own outdoor space!

I hope you found some inspiration as well for your outdoor areas!

So, here's to a relaxing week-end dreaming of fabulous outdoor spaces!!

Bring on the spring!!!


Kileigh Mckinley said...

Shelley! Im so glad you blogged again! I got alot of work to do in my yard we have a slab of concrete that used to be the porch on a old house and a full size fire place with a very tall chimney just chillin in my yard all the trees, the shed, and the fence are covered in wysteria... You got any ideas for me??

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

I am so ready for spring weather! Except I'm NOT ready for spring! There's so much to do outside it's a little daunting. But if the tornados will stay away...I'm ready for spring!