Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Here we are and it's already Wednesday!!!
You what that means -
I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for a little fashion inspiration!!

Please join me and all the other fabulous ladies to get out of your sweats and leggings
and throw on something cute each day (well, at least most days!) -
Believe me, I can't do it everyday, but when I do get dressed in my "real" clothes,
I usually feel better about myself and have an extra spring in my step!!
I know, I know - It's all in my head - but that's ok!!
Sometimes it's the silly things like that - that make life happy!!

Thursday - I had a doctor's appointment and went to the fabric store.
 Oh!!! I love the fabric store! Beautiful fabric is one of my many weaknesses!!
When I see all the fabric, I want to re-decorate my whole house!!
So, needless to say - I usually don't tell The Man that I'm going to the fabric store!!
striped pink/white tshirt - old navy ($4 - and I love, love this shirt)
floral scarf - old navy
silver bracelets - 2 are brighton and 4 are cheap wire bangles I've had forever!

Sunday - Wow! I look a little mad in this picture -
But I'm not - I was getting ready to go shopping with my sister!!!
Maybe I was already stressing about trying on jeans :(
 argyle cardigan - old navy
yellow v-neck - gap
skinny jeans - gap
gray flats - payless

Love the sweet little flowers on my flats!!

Monday - It was really cold and dreary on this day!
But lucky for me, I bought this adorable navy coat for $38 the day before!!!
I had to run some errands, so I thought while I was out, I would 
deliver some cupcakes to my daddy's work! 
favorite boyfriend jeans - gap
navy coat - gap
striped scarf - the loft
boots - dillards
white v-neck tshirt - gap
gold hoop earrings - kohls

Tuesday - another cold and dreary day, but I didn't have to leave the house except to take
my son to school and drive around my neighborhood because it was big junk pick-up day!!! 
gray leggings - kohls
white sweatshirt - another bargain I found on Sunday - old navy - $8
black flip-flops - walmart

That's it for now!! Again, nothing too exciting in my wardrobe!
I have noticed I wear alot of cardigans and scarves and I really need some new jeans!!!
But I can't find any that fit right!!
 I tried on several pairs at The Gap and Old Navy, but didn't like any of them!!
So for now, y'all will have to continue to see the same three pairs.
Sorry 'bout that!! But I'll keep shopping and looking!!

Thanks for stopping by and please go check out the other ladies over at The Pleated Poppy!!

Have a great day!!!


Frenchy said...

Great outfits !!! Love your scarfs !
I feel the same about my wardrobe...I have few pieces that i wear all the time that i love but now...i am more picky when i shop...Must be the fashionista fun and blogging about it !
Come follow back !

Mallory said...

Great outfits! When did you get the shirt in the first picture? I love it and was wondering if there was a change ON had it in stock. And I love the sweatshirt in the last picture! Looks comfy and cute!

Lesley said...

love the grey flower-y flats! too cute!

Happy Wednesday!

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I love your scarfs ans you look too cute in your skinny jeans!


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