Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: Master Closet

I found another great blog last night - "Simple Mom" and right now she is hosting 

   A way to simplify, declutter, and organize your household - one room at a time. 

 This week's project just happens to be the master bedroom closet!!
 I've been working on my closet for a couple of weeks now,
 so I thought I would join in on this project and share a couple of before and after photos. 

I have not finished organizing the entire closet yet, but one area of frustration for me is
the top of my built in dresser, so I thought I would focus on that one area last night.

While this isn't my proudest moment - a "before" photo is required to be a participant in the party -

So here it is - the "before" photo of my dresser -

awwww - see my ipod pig - a gift from my son a few years ago.
It reminds me of a Power Puff girl!!!

Books, sweaters, bracelets.............and probably some trash.

How about some mail, receipts, glasses, and cards from The Man.
Oh, and some money!! That's always good to find!


Not sure why I let it get so bad - but now it is neat and tidy.
I can actually see the top of my dresser and my jewelry!!

The milk glass dishes were found at a thrift store and holds my rings, earrings and small bracelets.

The rectangular plate is from Target and makes a great place to put my watches and large bracelets.

The tiny mannequin was in my daughter's room, but when she moved out she didn't take it with her, so I claimed it as my own!! It makes a great place for my "dainty" necklaces. 

The two heart shaped crystal containers and frame are gifts from The Man many, many years ago,
so they hold a special place in my heart!!!

On top of the mirrored jewelry box are some dried roses. One is a rose my grandpa bought for my grandma's funeral.  He wanted roses to place on her casket as one last gesture of love!!!
I was lucky enough to get to keep one.  He loved her so much!!

I purchased the small lamp years ago, but it never really had a good home - until now! 
To make the lamp a little taller, I set it on some vintage books.
I think I like having the extra light on my dresser.

For my necklaces, this small metal piece works great!! 
I have alot of necklaces,
so I think I need to get another one.

Well, there you have it - the dresser in my closet!! 

I'll post more photos of my closet as I get it more organized.

Please go check out the other closets at  Simple Mom  for some great organizational ideas!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!! It truly makes my day!!

Have a safe and blessed weekend, my friends!!!!


justalittlehappy said...

I SO NEED to do my closet. I've been putting it off! Yours looks great!

abby said...

Very impressive! I love all of your pretty dishes.

Courtney and Heather said...

Where did you find that metal piece for your necklaces?? I need a couple of those. Love how you display all your jewelry!