Friday, June 10, 2011

The Quirky Little Shop

Because The Man loves me - on our way home from our overnight get-away
last week, we stopped at this quirky little shop!!

Walking in behind us, a lady thought it was a restaurant -
She was a little surprised it was actually a shop.

From the outside, you really can't tell what kind of shop it is - other than quirky!!

I only took photos of the outside.
Once inside, it was still quirky - but nothing like outside!!
It was a mix of boutique clothing,
(you know the tiny, trendy, cute little clothes with only s and xs left on the racks)
old gringo and corral cowboy boots, flip-flops, jewelry,
all mixed in with some home decor items,
crafting items,
quirky gifts,
Oklahoma souvenirs,
and a screaming cook-a-too - however, it did whistle at me :)

Lots of eye candy and I could have spent more time browsing!!

I loved all the cowboy boots and the clothing was adorable - just not my size!

And they had very cute and unique jewelry!!

The only thing I purchased was some German Glass Glitter in a cute salt/pepper shaker!

I'll use the glitter on projects in my playroom
and I collect crystal salt/pepper shakers because
I'm trying to get enough to create a chess board set.

Pepper in half and salt in the other half - - black & white pieces.

Although I don't play chess - it's more about having unique decorative items in my home!!
Check Mate!!

So here it is -

The Cloverleaf Boutique

Pink bikes lined the drive and parking lot!!

Sorry, I can't get this photo to turn.....

I thought the pink travel trailer was really cute!!
I would set this up in my backyard (maybe not pepto pink, though) - if The Man would let me!!

The Man taking a picture of the clown for our son - he HATES clowns!!
He has always thought they were creepy!! All the more reason to take a photo for him!!

Most everything had been coated with a brightly colored  paint!!

Not so much quirky - but creepy!!

Doll heads and mannequin heads - creepy!!

I did like the ferris wheel looking plant stand, though!!!

I don't why, but this sign just made me laugh!! I guess it's all about the surroundings :)

More pink bikes and a creepy mannequin dude!!

Since I didn't take any photos inside - here is a link to their fb page. There are many photos on there!

I also just learned there is a Cloverleaf in the Oklahoma City area.  I'll have to check it out soon!

So, if you're ever in Oklahoma - near Ardmore - I35 - Exit 31 (b - I think)
you should go check outThe Cloverleaf Boutique. 

Or check out the one in OKC - it might be just as quirky!!

I think you'll enjoy the experience!!

Have a great week-end, my friends!!!


gayla said...

I love this place. Me and the girls are going to have to make a visti one day. You check out the OKC one and maybe we can go there.

{april kennedy} said...

OMGosh! That shop looks so fun and I saw quite a few things I would have tried to take home....including that pink trailer!!