Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a Dreamer.................

I'm definitely a dreamer!! How about you?

While I am content in my life, I continually dream of things to come -

My mind is creative and most of my dreams encompass things that speak to that
and keep my mind active.
I don't know if my mind ever really stops creating.
Sometimes I can't sleep at night because of something I saw on tv, or a magazine,
or a blog, or something in my everyday life that sparks something on that
side of my brain and makes me want to create!

It could be a color or a texture or a house or land I saw for sale.
Even something as simple as someone making a statement about something they want to create
or needing an idea for decorating or a  party.

With all that said - all I really wanted to say is that
I dream about owning a cabin or a cottage on the lake.

The following photos show a dream cabin in the foothills of North Carolina.

I'll keep my dream a little closer to home here in Oklahoma -
 but this is a beautiful cabin -

Enjoy the photos!!

I believe I could move right in!!! I love everything about it!!

The colors, the textures, the furniture.........

Isn't it gorgeous??

While I am a dreamer - I do have realistic expectations and
don't know if I could ever have a cabin like this -
but the dreamer in me,
will continue to DREAM!!

Dream big - or get off the porch!!!

If you'd like to read the article about this beautiful cabin -
click on over to Traditional Home.

All photos are from The Traditional Home website.

Hope your week-end was filled with lots of love and blessings!!


Karri said...

That's one gorrrrr-geous cabin!!!!

Thanks for commenting on my blog today! :)