Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Burlap Gifts for the Girls

This past week-end, four of us girls headed to the Historic
Ft. Worth Stockyards District to celebrate my baby sister's 40th birthday.

Yes, there were cattle involved!! (not above - below!!)

A longhorn cattle drive - to be exact..........

Maybe not a "true" cattle drive -
There were only 10, maybe 12 longhorns and they seemed to be trained
pretty well as the meandered their way around the block!!

It was still a sight to see! Such beautiful animals!!

It was nothing short of a perfect week-end!!!
Good times and great memories!!!

To help add to the festivities, I wanted to create gift bags for the other 3 girls,
and I wanted them to be unique and personal and fun.

This is what I came up with.............

Nothing fancy or expensive -
These bags are from Hobby Lobby and I think they were $6 each.

For each girl, I framed a quote that "fit" their personality and placed it in a 5x7 frame (also found
at Hobby Lobby) that I thought would match their home decor.

I didn't get a picture of each frame, but here they are wrapped.

I used the plain white paper that Hobby Lobby wrapped the frames in when I purchased them.
Added a strip of burlap with a shipping tag and tucked in a vintage looking card
appropriate for each girl.

I also placed a simple paper sack filled with White Trash in each gift bag.
White Trash is a party mix made with Chex cereal and white chocolate.
It is wonderful!! It's one of those things you can't stop eating!!

And my favorite thing for each bag - these burlap wine bags I made.

I made the flower rosettes from strips of burlap - simply twist and roll and glue!!!

Again - very easy and very inexpensive!!!

At first, I only had 2 flowers on each bag - but it just didn't look right,
so I added a 3rd flower to each bag.

Each bag was tied with jute twine and another vintage looking card was distressed and attached.

And because it was her birthday - I added a glittered letter to my sister's bag!!

I had fun creating the bags and I think they liked them.

Now, what other occasion can I create bags for??!!!

I'm linking up with Whisper Wood Cottage
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Now that's my kind of party!!!

Go check out all the other great projects!!!

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Those are such cute idea. I sure miss having a Hobby Lobby near by. Love those bags. The wine bags are a great idea. Those little rosettes are quiet addicting to make.