Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream Backyard - Part Three

Hey Friends!! Glad you stopped by today!
I have a few more photos of the backyard to share with you.
I hope you're not bored with this!!

It is still - and will probably always be - a work in progress - but that's ok!!
I would probably get really bored if I didn't have projects to work on.

Looking for patio furniture was an adventure!! We've never owned patio furniture, so we
really weren't sure what to look for, or even what we would need. 
Due to the lovely Oklahoma wind, we knew we needed something heavy!!
Of course it had to be pretty, but not "too pretty" - that's just not us
and it needed to be comfortable.
Most of what we purchased is wrought iron - but even that can end up in the pool
as I learned Sunday afternoon!!

This is our main seating area and I love it!! It has back cushions, but again due to the wind,
they are usually in the pool storage box. But they are still comfortable without the backs.
We spend many evenings sitting in these chairs, just talking, about life.  It's wonderful!!

 The Alaskan Weeping Cedar tree was transplanted from our front yard. So far, so good!!
I hope it does well back here! I love the way it looks!

For now, we have two chaise lounges. I want to get cushions, but not sure what color.
Red seems to be what I'm most drawn to - but we'll see.

Friday these flowers and basket blew into the pool, so I'm not sure I'll be able to leave them in this spot,
but I sure do love how they look sitting next to this bench and I love the red against the blue of the pool!
I love burlap, so I lined the basket with a burlap sack and just set the flowers in the basket.
Easy and pretty!!!

The bistro table on the back side of the pool was on my front porch, but I really like it back here,
so this is it's new home.  I'll have to find something new for the front porch!
 Oh darn, I'll have to go shopping!!

We still need to plant three trees, add a few more plants and flowers, then mulch it all.
After that, I think we will call it done for this year!!

The grass is finally starting to get green and the plants are starting to fill in more so it looks
prettier each day.  I'll post a few more photos later this week or next week, then I'll move on
to the next project!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!!

Have a lovely week, my friends!!


Dee Saldivar said...

Love it!

shae said...

Shelley, it looks like you have quite a bit of space. It's looking great! I just noticed that you live in Oklahoma, too, so the climate for the salvia isn't the issue. I'll get back to you soon w/any info from my hubby. Nice to meet you in blogland.

shae said...

Hi again! I asked my husband & he said that the kind we have is "May Night" salvia, and that it only requires a normal amount of water, but it has to get a lot of sun. It seems like you're happy with Foster's, but if you ever need anything else, feel free to contact me. My hubby has his own landscaping business & would love to help!