Monday, April 11, 2011

Dream Backyard - Part Two

Here it is!!

~ Midnight Blue ~

Isn't it dreamy?? Isn't it relaxing?? Isn't it glorious??!!!!

It was probably the toughest design decision we had to make regarding the pool
and it turned out better than we could ever have envisioned!!

But - it took a few days to get there!!

Once they applied the color, which only took a few hours,
they immediately started filing it with water.

Here it is the day they applied it -

It had a chalk-like appearance - oh but don't worry -
we get to brush it all off -
twice a day
for 7 to 10 days.
Quite an upper arm work-out!!

Baby boy checkin' it out - he couldn't wait to get in!!

He didn't care it was only the second week of March
and still cold outside or that the water was maybe 55-60 degrees....

He got in! He got out!!

While all that was going on, we had to decide what to do with our 16 dumptruck
loads of dirt.  What did we want the landscape to look like??  Where do we have them put that dirt??
We had an idea of what we wanted, but due to the size of our yard, we had no idea where to start!!

So, we called in the professionals!!

We actually tried to call several professionals, but they either weren't accepting new clients,
were too expensive, or didn't return our phone call timely. But I think it was meant to be!!
We called Foster's Nursery & Tree Farm and it was a match made in heaven!!

We knew we wanted to do the work ourselves, we just needed some guidance - a plan!!!

So, Jim from Foster's came by our house, took notes of our ideas, took some photos of the yard,
took some measurements and headed back to the nursery. 

A few days later, we anxiously went by the nursery to check out the design plan 
and look at the actual plants and trees.

To say I was excited, would be an understatement......
This after all was the final piece - the decorative piece -
"the pretty" that would pull it all together!! 

Here is our awesome design plan!!
Jim designed our yard in a way that I never could have imagined.
Flowerbeds in places I'd never even considered!

It was beautiful - but a little overwhelming at first!!
What are all those lines and drawings?? How about all those colors??
How did he get it to scale?

It took a couple of days of me staring at the design plan, holding it up, looking out to the backyard
and trying to acclamate the drawing with our yard. 
But once I got it - I really "got it"!!!! 
I knew our yard had potential - but this was beyond my wildest dreams!!!

If you need to purchase plants or need a landscape design or landscape advice,
I HIGHLY recommend Foster's!!
They are nice, knowledgeable, and it is a locally (okc) owned family business!!

Now that we have the design plan, we need to have the dirt moved!!

A little here.................
a little there.......

While they were moving the dirt, we also had them put a couple of boulders in place.

The large rock on the right, is the "dive" rock. 
Instead of a diving board, we opted for this large boulder.

Once the dirt was moved, we outlined the flowerbeds with the waterhoses and began
placing the plants........

The Man - my pool boy, my yard boy, my love!!!

We think we have it where we want it - now we have to plant it all!!
oh my!!! That's manual labor!!

Well, we also need some new grass!!  Bring on the rolls of sod!!

The sod is all down, the plants are all planted,
now let the watering begin!!

Bringing in some more boulders for the landscape!!

Love this moss rock!!!

The Man is creating a rock border for my roses.................

The mounds of dirt are for trees.........One or two will be transplanted from our front yard,
the others will be purchased later on.

The landscaping has been alot of work, and we have so much more to do,
like the edging, planting trees and annuals, adding mulch, etc.....
and patio furniture!! That was a fun purchase!!
If one was rich, you could seriously make your backyard more comfortable than your living room!!!

These pictures were all taken a few weeks ago, so it has changed quite a bit -
I'll get more pictures posted soon!!

We are so in love with this and so excited to get it completed
so we can share it with family and friends!!

This is truly a dream come true!!!


Connie the crafterbug said...

I want to come swimming! Lucky. It is looking so wonderful!

Amanda said...

WoW! I love it! :)

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Oh, you are SOOOO going to enjoy that pool! It's beautiful! I really like the color and the edging you chose. And your landscaping is going to be gorgeous! You've got quite a big backyard! Ours is much smaller and we have so much still to do landscaping wise.

Laurie Blaswich said...

Ohmygoosh want a stunning pool !! I've always wanted a swimming pool, you are going to have lot's ans lot's of fun forsure!!!

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