Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Gallery Wall

As with many design ideas, Pottery Barn was definitely my inspiration for
creating a gallery wall or wonder wall in my hallway. 

I've been collecting items for a few months to create this wall, but was a little nervous
 about actually hanging the items on the wall and actually liking it
AND doing it without putting a million nail holes in the wall.

The following three photos are from Pottery Barn.

In the photo above, I like how the bench is used in place of a table,
(and I happen to have a bench!)
I love the stacked books and the potted lavendar plant.
I really love the mis-matched frames, photos and artwork.

Same with this one. I'm really drawn to the mismatched frames, photos, and artwork.
Love the wooden signs at the top.

This photo also uses a bench below the artwork. I love this, but I don't know how
practical it is to stack firewood in my hallway.
While I do like the photos and artwork in this one, it is a little too "matchy-matchy" for my house.
The plank wall had me at "hello" - now if only I can convince The Man to let me have a plank wall!

Well, here is how mine started..........
I put all my items out on the floor in the entryway to get an idea of the layout.
I wanted to incorporate family photos, random destination pictures/artwork,
a number sign, and the letter D.

 It took me a couple of hours to be satisfied with the layout and
if you'll notice I didn't use all the items I had on the floor - I found other things
laying around the house that I liked better. 

Looking into the hallway from the entryway..............

This is a chalkboard from Hobby Lobby that I painted and
distressed - then tied on a photo of my kids using jute.

I made the 1510 sign using house numbers and an address plate/board from Lowes.
I just painted and distressed it, then tacked on the numbers. Cheap and easy!!

Did you notice the farmhouse picture??
1510 and a farmhouse - love it!!

The long narrow sign says "in everything give thanks".

I'm not sure about the brown frame on the bottom right hand side.
 I tried a black frame, but didn't care for it either.
Maybe a wood frame?? What do you think????

I'm happy with how it turned out and I think I ended up with only 900,000 nail holes.
Still though, The Man doesn't need to know!!

 Now I need to work on the bench. Maybe a potted plant, some candles, and a stack of books.
Any suggestions??

Have a great evening my friends!!


Anonymous said...

Love the wall and we have the same taste! Maybe a distressed frame in that bottom right corner since they're a mixture of frames. I love it! ~ Julie R ~

brian oliver said...

Nicely done! You mentioned a couple of hours before you liked the layout, I'm assuming that is while it is still on the floor. How long did it take you to complete the project?