Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cake Plate

It all started with a cake plate............well no, actually it started with my sister - my sweet baby sister - she is having a love affair with cake plates!! Weird, huh??  Not really!  I think it's better than the penguin collection she used to have - her love affair with penguins - that was a little weird!! I'm just sayin'........

About a year ago I found a vintage cake plate/dome at a thrift store and immediately thought of my sister! I didn't love the cake plate - but I'm not the one having the love affair!! This little vintage find did have potential with it's great shape and it was different than all the others, so I purchased it, took it home, went into my craft room thinking I would give it a quick "make-over" and surprise her with it!! I am crafty after all, so this should be easy!!

Ha!! It sat in my craft room for, oh I don't know, about 9 months and still, I had nothin'! No great ideas! No inspiration photos! No color scheme! Nothing came to mind! 

Have I told you that I'm a procrastinator? How about a perfectionist? Not really a good combiniation - a "Procrastinating Perfectionist"!! I put things off until I can see them perfect in my mind - but I'm not a planner - I just need to "see it" perfectly in my mind - no plan necessary - once I can "see it" - I just go for it!!  Very unrealistic and a little stressful to say the least!  But the good news.....I work well under pressure and most of the time I can make it work.

My sister's birthday was fast approaching and I needed a gift. I wanted to give her something special, something she would love, and something that would "wow" her.  After all, she is my baby sister!!!

So about a week before her birthday and 9 months after I purchased the sweet little cake plate/dome,  I finally went in my room, no plan, but I found some scrapbook paper I liked and some coordinating paint and went after it!!!

It was starting to look better, but still not great! I found some more supplies in my room - some ribbon, a wooden tag, a drawer pull/knob, some old book pages, and some wire.

The wooden tag was green, a Christmas clearance item from Hobby Lobby. I painted it, cut out a smaller tag from the vintage book page, stamped it with "cake" on one side and "yum" on the other, and aged it with my stamp pad, glued it all together, then decoupaged it with Mod-Podge. 

It was starting to all come togehter!

I also decoupaged the cake dome after I painted it and added the scrapbook paper. Then I added the rick-rack riboon to cover the seams.

I added the drawer pull/knob, from Hobby Lobby, to the top as the handle of the cake dome, attached the tag, ribbon, and some curly wire.

And finally............a completed cake plate/dome that was worthy of my sister's affection!!

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Phyllis said...

I have seen some of the vintage cake covers but never, did this wonderful vision "pop" into my mind! creative and useful, too!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

So cute and cleverly done! Love the combo of black and white and your trims are perfect. Kudos.

Dee said...

I think you should make your baby sister a penguin cake plate.