Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Hey there!!

OK, so I tried to do better this past week and take more pictures
and not wear a cardigan!!

I think I succeeded - so I'm linking up with  The Pleated Poppy for some
fashion inspiration. Hope you'll join me!!

So, here's what I've been wearing............

Took my son to the orthodontist.  Not really a great look - but, oh so comfy!!

black yoga pants - old navy (very old)
black tshirt - target
white tank - target
shoes - borne
scarf - express

 Another outing with my son (my precious, sweet baby boy). This time to get his driving permit.. :(
Oh, and look - I'm wearing a cardigan.
It's my "comfort" clothing in my time of sadness. So, let it be!!

skinny jeans - gap
cardigan - old navy
white tshirt - gap
shoes - kohls
necklace - kohls
earrings - kohls

 Saturday we had family at our house for a cook-out and some swimming!!

boyfriend jeans - gap
shirt - cato
flip-flops - walmart
hat - very old and I don't remember where it's from
aviators - target

 Date night with The Man - The Man that I love with all of my heart!!
We went to the movies, so I had to wear a cardigan - in case it was cold in there!!!

skinny jeans - gap
cardigan - old navy ($6.00 - clearance rack last week)
striped tank and white tank - target
floral wedges - target
bracelet - kohls

(need a pedicure!!)

flower necklace - ??
coin necklace - found in a box from The Man's grandfather's upholstery shop when he retired.
I love the fact that this necklace has a history - I don't know what it is, but it's fun to imagine!

Memorial Day - Going to lunch and shopping with my youngest daughter.
She just moved into a cute little cottage near the OU campus.
It is such a cute little house!! It has wood floors and crystal door knobs
and quirky little nooks and crannies!! Right along with slopping floors
and windows that have been painted shut - probably many times!!

It was so windy!!!

boyfriend jeans - gap
plaid shirt - new from old navy
white tank - target
aviators - target 

Looking a little tired!!! 
chain - premier jewelry
soldered pendant - affair of the heart (huge, local craft/home decor fair)

plain and simple watch - walmart!!!

 And, this is what I'm wearing today!!
No, I'm not skinny dipping - I will be wearing my swimsuit!!!
But, believe me, that's not a picture you want to see!!!!

Please go check out all the other blogs over at The Pleated Poppy for some
fun, summer, fashion inspiration!!

 Have a wonderful day, my friends!!


Chacie said...

oh how i have the hottest mom!! =) i have that green cardi too!! great minds think alike!

DeeAnna said...

Love the cuffs...a girl after my own heart!

Kathleen said...

You look so put together and cute! I love those floral wedges. They are so summery perfect.

gayla said...

Trying to figure out how to leave a post. If this works, then I guess I figured it out. Love your blogs, you are my inspiration. I acutally bought some necklaces becasue of your what I wore blogs (and Kileigh made me). And one of the girls at work also follows you.

Becky said...

You always look great Shelley, and I need for you to shop for me some cardigans.....I can't seem to find your bargains......

Lola Skw said...

Hi Shelley, you look great, especially in that green cardi/striped pink tank. Luurve the floral wedges! Greetings from sunny Germany - Lola